DSC_1356-Q2NAPOMAR S.A. was established in 1973 under the name “Fabrica de Masini de Rectificat” (FMR) becoming one of the main producers of small and medium size grinding machines in Romania.

In 1976, the range of products has been widened with hydraulic components (oil filters, hydraulic copying devices) for machine tools.

The years 1979-1980 have represented a forward leap both, regarding the development of the production capacities as well as regarding the range of products which has been extended from conventional universal grinding machines to special purpose grinding machines, especially for the Romanian automobile industry (valves, spherical joints, segment slots), metallurgy (grinding of long bars) and ball bearing industry.

The years 1980-1990 have represented a period of powerful development of the experience of the experience of the company’s employees by acquiring the knowledge and the solutions for a diverse production. These came from the research – engineering institute for machine tools and from the purchase of manufacturing licenses.

The year 1990 was the beginning of the company’s confrontation with the market economy, moment in which the company had to re-profile its production due to the almost complete disappearance of its traditional market.

The period 1990-1998 was a period of restructuring and renewing, both of the market and products, as well of the machine tools. Using the accumulated experience, the company has manufactured products required by the internal market (spare parts, wood-working machines, paper cutter and glass grinding machines) looking for the most favorable way towards a development direction able to use in the most profitable way, the experience of the personnel and the existing endowment.

In 2001 NAPOMAR S.A. establishes a joint-venture with Danobat Group from Spain, setting the base for a powerful development of the production activity, of the products and of the company’s market, maintaining the activity of the company in the field of machine-tool construction.

In present, the company exports almost 90% of its production consisting of CNC machine tools, parts and subassemblies for marine life saving equipment, for energy industry and for other beneficiaries from different fields of activity.

In March 2013, the company has successfully finalized a three year investment program with European funds, program that had as target the growth of the capability and of the capacity of the production means.


  • Number of employees: 342
  • Production area : 20.000 sqm